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  The only way to be qualified as a cytotechnologist is to pass the examination.
there are three ways to become eligible applicants.

To graduate from colleges with cytotechnology program.
the five following colleges have the program.

  • Kyorin University Faculty of Health Sciences, department of cytotechnology

  • Kitasato University Medical Laboratory Sciences, 
    department of clinical cytology

  • Yamaguchi University School of Medicine

  • Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts. Kake school cytopathology Institute

  • Kobe Tokiwa University,department of medical technology faculty of health sciences

  • Hirosaki University School of Health Sciences

  • Junsei Educational Institution Kyushu University of Health and Welfare

although just five colleges have bachelor-based cytotechnology program at present, this field is so prospective that in the near future the number of schools with similar programs will increase rapidly. in the field of life sciences, not only medicine or pharmacy but also nursing, medical care, and medical technology, including cytotechnology, are apt to be required for higher degrees of education. hopefully, new job creation such as research or university staff might be realized.

  2: Take the special cytotechnology course for graduates of bachelor-based colleges, 3-year technology colleges, and 2-year-program colleges, with state license of medical laboratory technologist.

the following institutes have the program.

  • the japanese cancer institute, educational division for cytotechnologist

  • tama metropolitan-governmental cancer screening center,
    educational division for cytotechnologist

  • Kake school cytopathology Institute

these institutes have played a central role in educating cytotechnologists domestically. the japanese cancer institute and osaka prefecture-governmental hospital made great contributions as pioneers in 1968, followed by tama in 1979.
they have programs of 6 to 7 months.
  • to practice more than one year in a cytology laboratory, requires graduating from a 3-year technology colleges with a state license of medical laboratory technologist.
this title is not certified by by the japanese government but by academic societies.
both medical technologists and medical health technologists are certified by the japanese government.

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