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 Message from the president of Japanese society of Cytothechnologists

 Dear Colleagues,

 I am honored to become President of the Japanese Society of
  Cytotechnologists, a vibrant network of over 7900 cytotechnologists
  dedicated to supporting healthcare and service users.
  This appointment makes me immensely proud, and I am grateful for
  your vote of confidence.

 The principle goals I foresee is to show that advanced practice
 matters by:
  1.Improving the social status of cytotechnologists through
     public interest activities
  2.Quality control and enhancement of education and guidance
  3.Strengthening collaboration between cytopathologists and

 Going forward, we would aim to work together with the Board of
Directors, the Prefectural Japanese Society of Cytotechnologists,
and the Prefectural Branches of Japanese Society of Cytotechnologists
to keep strengthening our systems of cooperation.

 I look forward to working with you to further develop our society

   Best regards,



Hitoshi Abe, CT (JSC, IAC), CFIAC, Ph.D.
President, Japanese Society of Cytotechnologists, 2021-2022.

Head of Cytotechnologists, School of Cytotechnology, Japanese
Foundation for Cancer Research





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